City of Bridgeport and Fire Union Agree on Contract Extension through 2020

Bridgeport, CT – Robert Whitbread, the President of IAFF Local 834 with Bridgeport Fire Chief Thode, and Mayor Joe Ganim announced that they have reached an agreement on the Fire Department’s contract extension through 2020.   This agreement will save the City of Bridgeport more than one million dollars over twelve months.


 “Thank you. All parties and departments worked hard, and worked together to reach an agreement that will bring our city enormous savings, and that will make a positive impact on our budget and ultimately a savings for our residents,” announced Mayor Ganim.

 Chief Thode stated, “We are pleased with the restructuring and our overall agreement.  I’m also proud to say that we reached these savings with absolutely no reduction in line force.”

 The 2017 City Council adopted budget incorporated a $4million union concession amount based on each union receiving zero (0%) wage increase.   So far, the City has attained zero wage increase from six (6) unions.